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With a combined 40 years of experience in the contractor industry, cofounders Micheal Casalini and Greg Jagenburg wanted to help other small businesses on Long Island manage their cash flow. So, in 2006, they opened the first licensed commercial check casher on Long Island – Bridge Capital Solutions Corp.


Bridge served a critical need for small businesses to better manage their cash flow by accessing funds on commercial checks with one flat rate. With 3,000 customers based in Nassau, Suffolk, and Queens, Bridge has exposed small businesses to a new way to access funds on their checks.

Over the next thirteen years, Bridge has become more than just a place small business owners can cash their checks. Bridge serves as a community hub, helping network business owners and offering recommendations for running a better business. This was – and always will be – Michael & Greg’s vision.

If you’re thinking of visiting us at Bridge, we’d love to see you! We cash all types of checks made payable to your business – cashier’s checks, starter checks, government checks, refund checks… And if you’re unsure, just give us a call!


Michael Casalini



Michael began his career working as a laborer for his father’s concrete business. After rising the ranks, he eventually left to begin his own company, Builder’s Choice Concrete. He went through the typical cash flow of a trade business, meaning cash being spent faster than the checks coming in. After realizing there could be an alternative – commercial check cashing – he worked with Vice President Greg Jagenburg to co-found Bridge Capital Solutions.

Prior to his career, Michael was a sergeant in the U.S Air Force and became a Certified Aircraft Mechanic. Since then, he’s worked to support Long Island’s veterans through the Bridge Capital Foundation.

Michael Headshot.jpg

Greg Jagenburg

Vice President


Greg has over a decade of experience in the custom home building industry, where he designed and developed homes on Long Island’s Gold Coast. Before embarking on that career, he brought his family’s business, FruitCrown Products Corp., national & cultivated partnerships with brands like Hershey’s and ben and Jerry’s.

Jagenburg carries a distinct legacy of athletic excellence, as he is a world-class swimmer who earned a gold medal at the 1975 World Games. He is also a recognized benefactor to the Long Island region, supporting numerous charitable efforts.

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